Great to see You all!

Dear ALL!

Thanks for inspiring meetings and collegual sharings! All enabling promising future possibilities to adress the burning issues we as RCEs have in front of us. Thanks a lot Marcus Bussey for taking notes with usual elegance!

The documentations from the meetings can be found here on the blog.  Read and comment!

Warm greetings from us still in the West of Sweden

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Some updates from the RCEs that attend the side-event RCE-GAP at WEEC2015

This is an attempt to stretch time and space. As the international conference we are attending has a limited time-frame we will unfortunately not be able to share  a lot on what is going on at our various RCE and not a lot about the people behind it either. Therefor we suggest – for those with a little bit of time before the event- to share,  as replies to this post below, about what´s up in Your RCE.

We can start off by telling a few words about whats happening in RCE West Sweden, we have almost 50 nodes that covers formal, informal and non formal learning organisations, as well as single individuals that are interested. We have a bottom-up design (read more about the mobilization process here) where everyone in our region Västra Götaland decides if they would like to become a member, No costs involved but every new node writes a letter of intent stating how they would like to contribute. We also stated firmly in the application to UNU that we do not know what a sustainable development looks like but that we desperately need to do things differently. Its the interplay between the different nodes that has formed new ideas like REKO Hållbarhetsnav, several permaculture projects  in cities as well as on the countryside, action based research – we see the whole RCE as an action research project. where we hold space for new possible actions, inviting play into action, noting the systemic barriers as we walk along. We have done  projects with drama/ensemble-learning (one result is the excursion to Borås investigating social sculptures/sustainability), nomadic lecture series,  etc etc We have been very active in some parts of the nodes but not all, we have failed terribly with documentation and our homepage is not the vibrant communication channel that we set out to achieve. We will now become an registered NGO and apply for funds allowing time to do stuff that we do not master as the majority of us work with this on a voluntary basis.  Miriam Sannum along with Marcus Bussey, who is a part of our international reference group will make a presentation about the process of RCE West at the conference.

Well this was some bits and pieces of what we are up to in RCE West Sweden, all of the others in our RCE are off course most welcome to fill in more what is happening here. Please share some about Your RCE below as comments! Just so that we are a little bit more updated when we meet on the 30th of June.

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